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Activated Carbon

Wood Based Activated Carbon Products

Powder activated carbon produced by steam activation of wood. This wood based activated carbon has high porosity and purity. Majority is being used in the water and wastewater treatment, decolonization and vapor phase injection systems

Wood based Activated Carbons are a growing product finding use in a number of new applications in addition to producing different performance characteristics in industrial applications typically catered for by coal or coconut products.

Wood carbons have excellent decolourising properties owing to their signature porosimetry.

High surface area characterized by a large proportion of mesopores and macrospores

Relatively low densityRenewable source of raw materialIn-house expertise is available for selection of the optimum carbon for any application.


Products are available in the different mesh sizes (specialized particle distributions are also

available on request).

Typical Properties*


440 kg/m³

Bed density, backwash and drained










Iodine number


min. 50%

CTC activity


Max4 %

Moisture content (as packed)


max. 5%


Total ash content


min. 98%


Ball-pan hardness

Coal Based Activated Carbon

Granular Activated carbon is used in different types of filter water treatment systems to remove chlorine, turbidity, dissolved organics, odor, taste, color, and synthetic organic contaminants from water supplies. Activated carbon can be "based" from bituminous coal, coconut shells, lignite or peat. The type of activated carbon and gradation is determined by the size of the largest molecule that is being filtered. Bituminous coal activated carbon is activated by high temperature heating with steam, which produces a high density, durable, and absorbent media. Activation is carefully controlled to produce exceptionally high internal porous particle structure for absorption of a wide range of low and high molecular weight impurities such as detergents, insecticides, phenols and other contaminants. If your sand filtration systems need water quality upgrading, activated carbon might be your next filter media consideration.

The activated carbon that we carry meets all the most recent AWWA specifications. It can be acid washed, coal based or coconut shell based. We can load flat-bed or van-style trucks for domestic or overseas shipments.

When using activated carbon in your water treatment system design, its important to do a careful analysis of empty bed contact time (EBCT), water flow rate, filter size, bed depth, and water temperature. All of these factors play an important part in your filtration system design when using activated carbon. Since we specialize in filter media such as granular activated carbon, we can help you with the specifics of your project.