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The first manufacturer of activated carbon and anthracite in Iran



Most people make the mistake of assuming that all coal is the same. The fact is that there are different types of coals and each one of them has their own characteristics and properties. Anthracite coal is the oldest and cleanest type of coal available. It is a highly carbonated form of coal and is the hardest variety known to man. As the anthracite coal is low in ash and sulfur, it is very much in demand across various industries.
PS Anthracite manufactures high quality, dry and low uniformity coefficient anthracite filter material.
PS Anthracite offers a customized comparative analysis between the uniformity coefficient of 1.3 and the traditional higher uniformity coefficients. The analysis summarizes the annual savings realized from reduced fresh water use. 
Our filter media systems provide water and wastewater facilities cost savings to allow utilities to remain competitive by reducing costs. PS Anthracite offers filter media systems designed to fit municipal systems need and budgets. 
Composed of specially selected and graded hard, durable anthracite coal particles. The anthracite shall have an average specific gravity of 1.5(or more), with hardness (MOH Scale) of 3.00 or more, and shall be essentially free of iron, sulfide, clay, shale, extraneous dirt, and excessive dust, and shall be in strict accordance with AWWA B100-09. Carbon Content shall be a minimum of 85% on a dry-weight basis. Ash Content shall be a maximum of 10%. Volatile Matter shall be 4% maximum on dry-weight basis. There shall be not more than 3% float when placed in a fluid of specific gravity of 1.45, and not more than 3% sink when placed in a fluid of specific gravity of 1.95, when tested in accordance with ASTM D4371-84, Methods for Determining the Wash ability Characteristics of Coal. The filter anthracite shall be processed with wet washing, screening and biological neutralization. The durability or friability shall be less than 3%. 



P.S.A 1

0.60 - 1.2

P.S.A 2

1 - 2


0.8 - 1.8


1.2 - 2.7


0.6 - 0.8




1 - 3

Available Uniform Coefficient: 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.7! 
Sizes not listed above can also be manufactured. To inquire about a specific size, contact us with your specifications. 
PS Anthracites 1.3 uniformity coefficients can provide many benefits in granular bed filters, including:
  • Increased plant capacity by the use of higher filtration rates
  • Lower backwash rates in dual- and tri-media filters
  • Better production efficiency due to longer filter cycles at higher filtration rates
  • State-of-the-art sizing plant to guarantee your specifications... ensuring complete production control and accurate processing. 
  • Automated sieve analyzer... assures consistent product quality permitting precise control of both the raw material and finished product. 
  • Automated high-speed bagging equipment... offering optional packaging in either 25 Kg  bags (or) one-tone high-strength woven polypropylene fabric bags for fast and easy handling.